Parrot Biting

Parrot Biting

Parrot biting is the number one behavior problem developed in pet parrots; along side the screaming, the mess and possible plucking, parrot biting seems to be the first thing parrot owners want to cure. After all, it hurts! And not just physically, emotionally too.

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When it comes to parrot biting, you need to be aware of the different types of biting that come from parrots. For example…

Reasons for parrot biting

Fear based – Your parrot bites out of fear

Aggression – Your bird bites out of aggression

Territorial – Your bird bites out of becoming territorial over spaces (like his cage), places (dark corners), people (his favorite person) or things (favorite toys)

Hormones – You didn’t realize you were provoking your bird’s hormones and now he’s frustrated

Trained – Most owners have unintentionally TRAINED their parrots to bite them in order to get the outcome they desire (like maybe going back to their cage 
when the owner considers that punishment, the parrot considers that the reward!)
Why is my parrot biting me?
Different reasons for your parrot biting you requires different methods for stopping it. For instance, you can’t use the same training techniques on an aggressively mean parrot who attacks you when you come around the corner as you would use on the parrot who retreats into his cage and lashes out at you in fear.

With fear based parrot biting there are different phases of fear, and depending on which phase your bird is at determines what course of action you should take to stop it. Parrots that bite out of fear have fear to overcome before you can work on anything else. Often times you want to work on the bird’s own self confidence and get through the primary stages of fear with your bird so it can learn to trust you through the process and look at you as a safe, place of comfort rather than just another thing in its environment to be afraid of. Expert bird trainer Chet Womach outlines these phases of fear and mistrust in what’s called our Total Transformation Series. He talks about how to recognize what fear looks like so you know exactly how to overcome your bird’s fear based biting.

With aggressive parrot biting, there are so many easy and immediate changes you can make in your parrot’s environment to change the entire attitude of your parrot that you just may not have been aware of before. Often times parrots are biting and lashing out at their owners because they are simply not in good health; just like a person who doesn’t eat well doesn’t feel well, the same goes for parrots. A change in diet might be just the thing your parrot needs along with some extra bond building games that get your bird stimulated both mentally and physically. Our natural feeding system is designed to get even the pickiest eating, junk food loving parrots onto a healthy, nutritious diet that not only makes your parrot feel better but visually look better too from healthy skin, beak and nails and especially plumage (make those feathers bright and colorful as they should be!)

Here at our expert parrot trainers believe whole heartedly in keeping companion parrots fully flighted and using flight as a means of healthy exercise. When our own birds go into see the vet, the vet always comments about how muscular our parrots are and nowadays how people with parrots keep them clipped in a cage and they become unhealthy, unhappy ‘perch potatoes’. Keep your parrot active and happy with our monthly newsletter that outlines easy to advanced tricks and tips for keeping your parrot active and happy! We call it our Parrot Magic Newsletter because it’s written by expert parrot trainer and freeflight bird trainer Dave Womach and is designed to entertain both you and your bird as well as give you ideas on how to be a better companion to your bird.

You will be amazed at the changes in your bird’s aggression once you start offering him some games to play with you and give him a task to work at. Unlike dog training, parrots are NOT trained like dogs and you cannot COMMAND them around and do tons of training. So a few minutes per day will do the trick as long as you’e working on the proper steps to eliminate behavior problems like parrot biting.  We teach how to obtain the ideal human-parrot friendship best in our One Day Miracles where we show real families struggling with severe parrot biting of all types and how to fix it in just one day. This series is packed with “Ah-ha” moments you don’t want to miss!

Parrot biting problems 
Most parrot parrot biting problems stem from how your parrot has trained you instead of the other way around. If you’re one of those who think ‘my parrot doesn’t need to be trained to do tricks, I don’t care about that! I just want to stop my parrot biting problems!’ well I’ve got news for you – once you implement parrot training with your parrot, you will both enjoy the absolute heck out of it! And, every single interaction with your bird should be viewed as a ‘training session’ because in truth, it is. You are training your bird on a daily basis whether you like it or not. However, in most cases, the birds are training the people!

Especially around the Spring and Falls seasons, parrots get hormonal and show severe signs of aggression and become territorial of their favorite person usually biting everyone else who comes near and sometimes even their favorite person too. Hormones, or “Spring Horror-Mones” as we call them, are not something to take lightly and need to be addressed properly or you can end up with a very frustrated and angry parrot year after year. Learn how to AVOID spring horror-mones and what to do when they arise, as well as how to help the rest of your family deal with the family pet too.

In most homes the parrot will like one person more than anyone else. This is not only unhealthy for the rest of the family who is left out but mainly for the bird. Parrots are naturally social creatures and encouraging that in our homes is very important. We believe in a training technique we call the “60/40 rule” which we outline in great depth (as it’s one thing no households seem to do on their own without being told) on our One Day Miracles series. All the techniques outlined in our training programs are techniques we use in our own homes with our own parrots. Not only do we outline what TO DO, but we also show and talk about what NOT to do and what to avoid so that nothing is left unanswered in our programs – they’re designed to help you and your parrot succeed.

How to stop my parrot biting problems
Even if your parrot biting problems have been going on for years, or maybe they just started occurring recently… no matter how severe your parrot’s biting is, we at can help! It’s not as complicated as you might think and results can happen so drastically with every small step in the right direction.


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